baubles, bangles, and bondage?

this post is written in honor of ben’s complete awesomeness. 

why is he so awesome you ask? well besides the obvious he bought me pie from our fave locale, this is the kind of man who gets excited enough about what we have deemed “fancy pervy jewelry” to waltz home one evening with a precious little orange bag in tow. if your heart just went pitter-patter, then you’re my kind of fancy pervy jewelry aficionado. yes, my friends, ben is now the proud owner of a beautiful hermès cuff.

i won’t lie to you and pretend that my thoughts have not been wandering back to that beautiful little orange box on our dresser. honestly, who doesn’t love FPJ? not to mention, we need to add a little spice to this draggy wednesday. and so…

clockwise from upper-right: alexander mcqueen, rick owens, pamela love, lynn ban. center: hermès.

continuing on the hermès journey, we’ve been drooling over this watch for what feels like a lifetime. telling time in such studded glory. wowza is all we can say. then we move on to our dear, dear alexander. let’s be honest here… what is more FPJ appropriate than two skulls about to make out? necrophilia chic ew. pamela love and lynn ban get props for their bracelets dangereux done like none other. and well, then there is the king of FP…well FPEverything! mr. rick owens himself… leather bib? i’ll take two.

we are SO coveting this ysl beauty, and while it doesn’t exactly fall in the FPJ category, we’re pretty sure michelle lamy would wear it. ‘nough said.

if you’ve got more FPJ suggestions, send ’em our way. we need to add to our collection. YES.



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