in honor of the NY Times post on man-buns (i promise it’s not NSFW!), we bring you this, cream of the crop, top knot of the heap post:

when i’m not doing my darndest to be an olsen twin master the art of messy, long, i-don’t-give-a-f*ck hair, you’ll typically find me sporting a top knot, akin to the above. i’ve been known to wear them without shame anywhere from formal occasions to the bodega, and i may or may not respond to, “hey! top knot!” from my coworkers, identifying the one part of my being that they are able to see over my cubicle walls…

just because it is my go-to, should it be yours? well, let’s allow the interwebs to give their two cent$:

it seems to me that these sartorially advanced creatures – from runway to sidewalk – are at the top knot of their game. these tresses are knot going away any time soon… viva la top knot! 



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