t(hair)ified, schmerrified!

it’s the beginning of march, which means the 2012 motivational refresh you began 60+ days ago has likely subsided; the panic attacks have begun, and you’re pretty sure nothing will ever work out the way you want it to. cue sweatpants, a pint of chubby hubby, and adele. right? WRONG.

i, despite experiencing the aforementioned panic attack-y overwhelmed adele-ishness, am attempting to focus on at least dressing more like the woman i want to be. we’ve all got to start somewhere, eh?

this woman in question is sophisticated, quirky, always put together (in an “even her sweatpants are the RIGHT sweatpants” kind of way), and she definitely means business. srsly. she’s also got a pretty intense minimalist, yet classic streak. not sure what i mean? neither am i, quite yet. personal style = evolution, people! but here are two images i am loving these days:

yep – that’s dakota fanning, looking casually fabulous in leather pants. i need more leather pants in my life – i think i’m down to 3 pair. and when it comes to black+maxi skirt+face mask?

this stunner from Rick Owens FW2012 collection? i may or may not have threatened to wear this ensemble everyday minus the mask. and now for a major confession:

mere weeks after a public announcement of my love, nay love affair with top knots… i chopped mine off. sure, now i’ve got an asymmetrical bob with one long piece a la Ashley Olsen circa 2009, but what’s important is: when life get’s you down, chop off your hair and feel like a badass! (how very “Cool Runnings” of me, right?)

so take a quick look in the mirror and let me know if you need a hair magician rec… (Cheryl at Arrojo rocks my world)



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