feast your eyes…

as we prepare to head north for family thanksgiving festivities, my thoughts begin rapidly vacillating between delicious eats and sartorial treats. more specifically: “what the F*@# am I gonna wear for t-givs?!”

as i obsess over ponder a more conservative, but equally man repelling (love that girl) version of my typical finery, it occurred to me: if art imitates nature, then fashion could possibly imitate food… how ironic, right, ms. moss?

let’s begin with our pallet – the staples of this delightful meal and the finery we’ll use to bring this meal to life…

now, when it comes to the art of consuming this annual meal, there are an infinite number of ways to mix and match, slice and dice, chomp and chew. none of them are wrong, all of them are delicious. so, in this experiment, the same rules are bound to apply, right? check out our plates du jour…

we’ll let you click-through to peep the designers behind these gems, but we guarantee that each of these combos dish up all six of the mouth-watering traditions.

whether you want to wear mashed potatoes (atop grandma’s pillows?) around your ankles, or turkey on your crotch, remember: you are what you eat … erm … wear? well, both!



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