it has been taunting us since september… a small and festive reminder of the spooky holiday to come. as we sat in our apartment one lovely fall day snowy day in october, staring at that familiar, orange gourd, it became apparent that something had to be done.

what is the one thing that could entice us so thoroughly that we would remove our buts from the couch and carve our tiny, tiny pumpkin? the answer was clear: mcqueen. it is a name that warms the cockles of our little stud filled, jewel encrusted hearts.

the process took a bit more sussing out. there were two camps:

ben: find the key from FNO, trace it, trace it onto the pumpkin, chisel away at the delicate skin (ew), and carefully remove each chunk.

anna: appliqué schmappliqué, free-hand that bitch!

ben won. and here is a look at how it was done…

while we are of the belief that no one is more h-ween appropriate than our dear, dear alexander, we’d love to hear which fashion house of choice would inspire you to carve up a gourd.


a peek at last weekend…

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