happy holidays!


while we here at INE have taken an unexpected sabbatical (thanks, life, for getting in the way)… we want to stop a take a minute to say THANK YOU for your support of this little ramble we’ve got going. ’tis the season for mushy, emotional reflection, and well… we’re pretty freakin’ stoked that you clicked your way over!

in the next few hours, we will find ourselves released from the chains of employment (don’t worry… it’s just for a few days. we’re not moving back in with the folks) and will be sending some warm and fuzzy content your way, but in the meantime… HAPPY FREAKING HOLIDAYS to you and yours, from us. we love you, really we do.

.anna and ben



where the heART is

“people are looking to artists to tell them about the future”

when ben asked me long ago if i would accompany him to a RISD alumni event, i had nothing upon which to base my expectations. i had heard providence is beautiful in the fall (it is), i figured there would be hundreds of talented youth milling about (there were), and i hoped that i would be reminded of the excitement of possibility (i absolutely was).

on a saturday morning at 9:30, we’re usually milling about our brooklyn apartment after making an early morning run to the farmer’s market. october 15th had other plans: there we sat in a room full of wide-eyed parents of new students and well-seasoned RISD alumni waiting to hear a panel discussion moderated by RISD president and thought leader, john maeda.

i must admit to being a bit obsessed of a fan girl when it comes to maeda (if you’ve got a minute, i’ll probably recount the previous evening’s encounter in which he complimented and inquired about the design of my necklace… !!!!!). my excitement did little to prepare me for the powerful discussion to follow. “innovation = art + design” was the title and responses were collected from the panel’s very distinguished and, yes, innovative guests. but there was one moment in particular i’d like to highlight: “people are looking to artists to tell them about the future”.

in an environment full of uncertainty and anxiety around what is to come, i see myself turning to the creatives i trust most for inspiration and direction. i find their guidance fascinating, if unintended, and i acknowledge my place as a creative more beautifully burdensome than ever.

we’re back in new york, i woke up with a cold, and i’ve got 86 unread emails i should look at. the everyday is in full effect, yet i pause and settle into a feeling of inspiration and embracing the challenge that lies ahead.

i leave you now with a photo taken in the RISD nature lab (my new favorite place), where it seems the smell of fish is vastly underappreciated

something smells fishy


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