in honor of the NY Times post on man-buns (i promise it’s not NSFW!), we bring you this, cream of the crop, top knot of the heap post:

when i’m not doing my darndest to be an olsen twin master the art of messy, long, i-don’t-give-a-f*ck hair, you’ll typically find me sporting a top knot, akin to the above. i’ve been known to wear them without shame anywhere from formal occasions to the bodega, and i may or may not respond to, “hey! top knot!” from my coworkers, identifying the one part of my being that they are able to see over my cubicle walls…

just because it is my go-to, should it be yours? well, let’s allow the interwebs to give their two cent$:

it seems to me that these sartorially advanced creatures – from runway to sidewalk – are at the top knot of their game. these tresses are knot going away any time soon… viva la top knot! 



feast your eyes…

as we prepare to head north for family thanksgiving festivities, my thoughts begin rapidly vacillating between delicious eats and sartorial treats. more specifically: “what the F*@# am I gonna wear for t-givs?!”

as i obsess over ponder a more conservative, but equally man repelling (love that girl) version of my typical finery, it occurred to me: if art imitates nature, then fashion could possibly imitate food… how ironic, right, ms. moss?

let’s begin with our pallet – the staples of this delightful meal and the finery we’ll use to bring this meal to life…

now, when it comes to the art of consuming this annual meal, there are an infinite number of ways to mix and match, slice and dice, chomp and chew. none of them are wrong, all of them are delicious. so, in this experiment, the same rules are bound to apply, right? check out our plates du jour…

we’ll let you click-through to peep the designers behind these gems, but we guarantee that each of these combos dish up all six of the mouth-watering traditions.

whether you want to wear mashed potatoes (atop grandma’s pillows?) around your ankles, or turkey on your crotch, remember: you are what you eat … erm … wear? well, both!


baubles, bangles, and bondage?

this post is written in honor of ben’s complete awesomeness. 

why is he so awesome you ask? well besides the obvious he bought me pie from our fave locale, this is the kind of man who gets excited enough about what we have deemed “fancy pervy jewelry” to waltz home one evening with a precious little orange bag in tow. if your heart just went pitter-patter, then you’re my kind of fancy pervy jewelry aficionado. yes, my friends, ben is now the proud owner of a beautiful hermès cuff.

i won’t lie to you and pretend that my thoughts have not been wandering back to that beautiful little orange box on our dresser. honestly, who doesn’t love FPJ? not to mention, we need to add a little spice to this draggy wednesday. and so…

clockwise from upper-right: alexander mcqueen, rick owens, pamela love, lynn ban. center: hermès.

continuing on the hermès journey, we’ve been drooling over this watch for what feels like a lifetime. telling time in such studded glory. wowza is all we can say. then we move on to our dear, dear alexander. let’s be honest here… what is more FPJ appropriate than two skulls about to make out? necrophilia chic ew. pamela love and lynn ban get props for their bracelets dangereux done like none other. and well, then there is the king of FP…well FPEverything! mr. rick owens himself… leather bib? i’ll take two.

we are SO coveting this ysl beauty, and while it doesn’t exactly fall in the FPJ category, we’re pretty sure michelle lamy would wear it. ‘nough said.

if you’ve got more FPJ suggestions, send ’em our way. we need to add to our collection. YES.


petting zoo

old macdonald had a farm and bingo was his name-o! … wait … moving on:

if mr. mcd gets to have fun with some fuzzy friends, then why can’t we? only this time, we’re wearing them on our feet!

clockwise from upper right: jimmy choo; alexander mcqueen; alaïa; christian louboutin. center: christian louboutin

feathers, check! zebra, check! leopard that morphs into an amazing laser-cut lace and a snake that probably smokes two packs a day, check! check! and well, we may have found your neighbor’s missing pomeranian…

while creatures great and small prepare to hunker down for the winter, i encourage you all to get out and strut your fauna-tical stuff.


blanket statement

i’m no expert in anything, really… but i do believe that opinions, shared or contested, are based on experience.

experience is a significant driver of taste, and is therefore, a valid platform upon which to spread one’s enthusiasm through the sharing thereof.

long story short: while i’m no expert in or around any of the items i’ll share here, as soon as i discover something i love, i want to share it with the world. that said, i’ll be joined in this endeavor by the ever-so-talented enthusiast, benjamin.

so, let’s get started, shall we?

the following are far from secrets:

  • i hate summer, which means i am THRILLED to announce that it is 80 degrees outside finally fall
  • my choices in wardrobe are frequently impractical (dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have)
  • when it comes to wearing blankets in public, more is never enough

clockwise from upper right: stella mccartney; derek lam; rag & bone; matthew williamson. center: see by chloé

all of the above serve as premium examples of what i will now refer to as PBW (public blanket wearing). this usually takes the form of outerwear, frequently of the poncho variety. however, let us take note: you don’t have to involve your fabulous grandmother unless you are matthew williamson.

as ben and i sit, admiring this phenomenon, he quickly points out that this should not be limited to those of use who are taller than the heels we teeter around in all day. in fact, blankets can and should be the apparel of choice for life. think of it this way: what else could possibly serve as a life-long transition piece, regardless of size or age? and so, we give you this slightly malnourished looking man-child from who other than the blanket king: rick owens.

versatility, style, and PBW: i think we know what my 2 year old niece will be getting for christmas…


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