snow job

there’s nothing like a snow day…

i welcome the chance to curl up on the couch and drink hot cider, but there’s nothing like a day indoors to notice just how glaringly messy one’s space is. and now we turn our attention to the work space…

while we both have offices outside of our abode, various initiatives require us to have a work space at home. now, for those of you who live in new york, there’s no escaping the fact that space comes at a premium. while we have much more than a shoebox, we definitely don’t live in a palace, thus requiring us to get creative and keep it organized in order to avoid panic attacks.

these ten items land on our list of favorites when it comes to workspace, and here’s why:

1. cleo table lamp (crate & barrel) – soft, warm, clean light is essential to any work environment. over head lights make us cry at night. this lamp brings an unexpected touch of glamour, while still managing to keep it simple… a lamp after my own heart.

2. thimble cup air plant (air plant supply co.) – this little guy sits on my desk at the office. who doesn’t like a friendly, low-maintenance friend in the form of an air plant? we may or may not visit their website daily.

3-5. file folders, sketch/note book, and signature pens (poppin) – a current obsession of ours, poppin puts the sexy in OsexyCD. personally, we like to keep it neutral, but for those of you who prefer to walk on the bolder side of the rainbow, these guys will keep you smiling. and probably send you handwritten notes with your order… or courier your order to you the same day. obsession continues.

6. parsons desk in white (west elm) – yes, we’ve all seen this desk before, but that is for a reason! clean, simple lines keep your space visually uncluttered, and the slim drawers inside are perfect for stashing all the goods you just bought from poppin.

7. post 4-tier etagere on casters (abc home) – if you’ve never been to abc home, well, you’re missing out. everything in that place makes our list to santa claus. but these beautiful shelves couldn’t be a more perfect piece of storage furniture. it’s strong enough to hold your archives of architectural digest and V magazine, yet inviting enough that you might actually finish that deck on media relations and stakeholder engagement before your client asks for it.

8. translucent magazine files (container store) – we could spend days in the container store. it might be one of our favorite destinations. that aside, these magazine files are definitely a chic, multipurpose organization system, perfect to accompany that abc home etagere.

9. dokument letter tray in silver (ikea) – nothing says productivity like the perfect inbox/outbox set-up. we like this 3-tiered version to add a little “in process” or “on hold” spice to the mix.

10. brother p-touch label maker (staples) – le pièce de résistance! if you don’t have one, GET ONE. label makers are life changing. besides, how did you think you were going to properly indicate the contents of those super elegant magazine files?

now, has anyone seen my ear muffs?



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