blanket statement

i’m no expert in anything, really… but i do believe that opinions, shared or contested, are based on experience.

experience is a significant driver of taste, and is therefore, a valid platform upon which to spread one’s enthusiasm through the sharing thereof.

long story short: while i’m no expert in or around any of the items i’ll share here, as soon as i discover something i love, i want to share it with the world. that said, i’ll be joined in this endeavor by the ever-so-talented enthusiast, benjamin.

so, let’s get started, shall we?

the following are far from secrets:

  • i hate summer, which means i am THRILLED to announce that it is 80 degrees outside finally fall
  • my choices in wardrobe are frequently impractical (dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have)
  • when it comes to wearing blankets in public, more is never enough

clockwise from upper right: stella mccartney; derek lam; rag & bone; matthew williamson. center: see by chloé

all of the above serve as premium examples of what i will now refer to as PBW (public blanket wearing). this usually takes the form of outerwear, frequently of the poncho variety. however, let us take note: you don’t have to involve your fabulous grandmother unless you are matthew williamson.

as ben and i sit, admiring this phenomenon, he quickly points out that this should not be limited to those of use who are taller than the heels we teeter around in all day. in fact, blankets can and should be the apparel of choice for life. think of it this way: what else could possibly serve as a life-long transition piece, regardless of size or age? and so, we give you this slightly malnourished looking man-child from who other than the blanket king: rick owens.

versatility, style, and PBW: i think we know what my 2 year old niece will be getting for christmas…



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